The Codetrain Program

In keeping with the fast evolving nature of education delivery, we have designed a hybrid program just for you. It combines seamless virtual training and in-person training while maintaining our world class standards.

12 Months Training

Codetrain is a three-phase program - the 12 month training program, Magic program and our Fellowship program.

Our 12 month training program is an intensive bootcamp during which we provide world-class teaching and mentoring to transform anybody (with even no prior programming experience) into a professional software developer and start a successful career.

Students get one-on-one teaching, career advice, job interview training, individual and team projects experience in mobile and web technologies.

After the 12 month training, hardworking students get the opportunity to be selected for next program called Magic.

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Codetrain Online Class Advantages

Learn from home

We will teach you how to code awesome mobile apps (for both iOS and Android) and also design your own websites from scratch.

Full one-on-one support

Our friendly teachers are available online during working hours to assist you with your challenges and projects.

Best online learning tools

We employ the best online learning tools to create the best virtual learning experience. You can have live coding sessions, one-on-one code review and video chat with your teachers.

What to Expect From our Virtual Program

Magic Program

Magic is the second phase of Codetrain. We assist selected students from our 12 month training program to start their careers by matching them to internships or project opportunities.


We connect participants in our Magic program to internship opportunities in local and international software companies to enable them get relevant work experience to start their careers. - Ghana's leading online real estate listing company, TxtGhana - SMS technologies company, Employay - German podcast, and World Trade Center (Accra) are among some of the companies our students did their internships in the past.

Socialab Incubator

Our students have always used their skills to build software solutions to solve social problems such as Kuumba Media, a company that is is empowering African film-makers to reach global markets. Codetrain's Socialab Incubator provides support to students in our Magic program who want to solve some of the world's pressing problems with technologies such as AI, Blockchain, USSD, and Mobile.

Codetrain Fellowship

5 Years Fellowship

Starting a successful career requires mentoring and support. The final phase of Codetrain is 5 year Fellowship which allows Codetrain's graduates that have been successfully matched to companies to get continuous professional development.

This approach has seen some of our graduates doing exceptionally well in their duties and giving value to their respective employers.

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