Become a Full-stack Web & Mobile App Developer

Codetrain's curriculum is designed based on the skills that are in high demand glabally.
Our courses focus on practical skills and includes interactive learning activities that makes it easy for our students to build real world projects in no time.

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Full-stack Web Development

As a web developer, you get to be the person who builds everything that the world sees and interacts with on the internet. Web developers use a variety of programming languages and frameworks to build solutions to real-world problems.

Job opportunities include, but not limited to web designer, frontend developer, backend developer, software engineer.

Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node, Express, SQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, etc.

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Mobile App Development

As a mobile developer, you get to build a wide range of applications for bilions of Android and iOS mobile phone users. Because the number of use cases for mobile apps is virtually limitles, so are the job opportunities.

Job opportunities include, but not limited to Android developer, iOS developer, Quality Assurance engineer, software engineer.

Technologies: Android, iOS, React Native, UI, data persisitence, JavaScript, etc.

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