About Codetrain

Africa is the future of the world in one way or the other. About 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 24 and this figure is expected to double by 2050 and also, almost half of the world’s youth will be African by 2100. Africa’s youth are talented, creative, energetic and cheerful.

However, there are limited employment opportunities for them, and this poses as one of their biggest challenges to secure a bright future. Nearly half of university graduates in Sub-Saharan Africa are unable to land jobs. Out of the numerous graduates that come out of the various tertiary institutions, only a few find secured jobs after years of job hunting.

In order for there to be continuous development in the years to come, we need to bridge the skills gap and provide employment opportunities for our youth. Africa’s digital revolution driven by the proliferation of smartphones, fast internet, the rise of e-commerce has a huge potential to create employment and business opportunities for our youth.

We believe that with the right education and technical training programs, Africa’s youth can take advantage of the opportunities within the tech sector to change their lives.

Codetrain runs training bootcamps starting with two locations in Ghana to transform the youth into professional software developers and then match them to companies for employment opportunities. Our model is holistic; we provide not only the hard skills in software development but also the needed soft skills, values and work ethics to be successful in today’s modern work environment.

We believe this will help create the needed pool of valuable human resource that will enable businesses to employ technology to scale in order to create wealth and jobs.

Meet The Team

Richard Brandt

Founder & CEO

Rachel Anane-Antwi

Programs Manager

Josephine Siaw-Agyemang

Student Relations & Admissions

Jennifer Bula


Mohammed Zakari

Teaching Fellow

Nartey Kodjo-Sarso

Teaching Fellow

Mubarak Awal

Teaching Fellow

Doris Vanden-Bossche

Teaching Fellow

Habib Khadiri

Teaching Fellow


Daniela Lopez

Mentor, Enpact

Jim Kaubisch

Mentor, Advisor

Stephen Forte

Mentor, Advisor