Codetrain App Developer Bootcamp, Ashesi

Codetrain had an app development bootcamp at the Ashesi University on November 10, 2017 to inspire students to solve use technology to solve local problems and to create wealth and jobs in Africa. The founder of Codetrain, Ghana’s tech talent accelerator, Richard Brandt, stressed that “Africa needs scalable tech solutions that improves the lives of the people by addressing pressing problems, … this will potentially help to exponentially improve tech adoption in Africa”.
The CEO of RetailTower, Samuel Tuffour was the guest speaker of the event and in an answer to a question, he said “it is now critical for everyone to learn how to code to be a successful tech entrepreneur or an innovative employee because most companies now rely on tech to scale their operations, satisfy their customers or compete in the global space.” He continued “the opportunity now abounds for students to take training programs such as Codetrain to learn coding no matter their future career goals.”
Coding bootcamps like Codetrain will address some of Ghana’s pressing issues such as the high graduate unemployment rate. In the recent budget reading, Ghana’s minister of finance said ”out of the numerous graduates that come out of the various tertiary institutions, we have only 10% find jobs and a secure one which takes them about ten years to get.” Codetrain’s practical approach to learning app development makes it easy for its graduates to find job opportunities with the rapid digitization of Ghana’s economy and the high demand for tech skills in Ghana and beyond.
Codetrain is Ghana’s tech talent accelerator which offers practical training in web and mobile app development to Ghanaian youth and assists them to find employment opportunities.

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