Codetrain Developer Profile: Sylvester Gyan

Q. Which school did you attend?

A. University of Energy and Natural Resources

Q. What course are you offering at Codetrain?

A. Front End

Q. Why are you studying at Codetrain?

A. To better my skills and acquire professional insights in the field

Q. How has your experiences been so far?

A. It has been good so far and really compelling

Q. What are the things you know now, compared to the things you knew when you started?

A. Actually i knew nothing so i will say, i started from scratch and it has been good

Q. Are you working on any project now?

A. Yes

Q. Can you tell us about the project you working on?

A. Creating a layout of a website with each column having a different background color

Q. With your experiences so far, would you recommend Codetrain to anyone who wants to learn Software Developing?

A. Very very  i will a hundred times over

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